Straight Talk And Skilled Representation

When you are facing legal issues, you need the help of a professional who can give you an honest assessment of your case, advise you on your options and fight for your interests. Michael T. Murphy Attorney at Law provides the kind of straight talking, candid legal advice and skilled representation that only comes with experience.

As a small law firm, Michael T. Murphy Attorney at Law can provide the kind of personal attention and customized legal solutions a larger firm cannot.

Family Law And Criminal Defense

Family law and criminal defense are two areas of the law that can bring long-term consequences if they are not handled with care.

If you need help with divorce, child custody, child support or other issues in family law, you know how emotionally difficult these matters can be. Michael T. Murphy Attorney at Law can focus on the legal and financial aspects of these matters and protect your interests, and those of your children.

If you are facing criminal charges, including DUI, theft, misdemeanor or felony charges, your freedom and your whole future may be on the line. Michael T. Murphy Attorney at Law can help you understand your legal options and build a strategy to protect yourself.

Get Started

If you are facing legal issues and need the help of an experienced lawyer, contact Michael T. Murphy Attorney at Law by calling 251-219-9512. You can also send an email.

Michael T. Murphy Attorney at Law represents people throughout the Mobile, Alabama, area in criminal defense, family law, probate law, personal injury and other legal issues.